Humidity Indicator Cards  


Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) tell at a glance if moisture within a sealed container or closed spaces is at an acceptable level. Hunidity Indicator Cards help monitor desiccant activity and are ideal for use with desiccants in any application where moisture control is critical. Any color change from blue to pink indicates an unsealed container and/or damaging level of humidity.



HIC 3 Dot 10, 20, 30%

This three dot card changes colour on a scale of 10%, 20% and 30% to indicate humidity levels.

Popular for sensitive electonics, ordance or optical instruments.

250 crads per tin





HIC 3 Dot 30, 40, 50%

Color changes on first dot at 30% to indicate a warning. Second dot changes at 40% to indicate desiccant needs to be changed. Colour change of third dot at 50% indicates dangerous humidity

Popular for military applications, this card is approved for use by DOD, NATO for method II packaging

Complies with MS 20003-2 and MIL-P-116.

250 cards per tin


HIC 6 Dot 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60%  

General purpose applications, 6 dots changing colours from 10% - 60%

Used in a variety of dry applications, this card monitors humdity levels across the widest range.

Complies with EIA 581, MIL-P-116 and MIL-1-8835

                                                                             250 cards per tin







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