Dunnage Bags

What are Dunnage Bags?

A Dunnage Bag is a plastic lined inflatable pillow, covered with heavy wearing kraft paper. Dunnage bags slip flat between the voids of a load and are inflated with compressed air, thus reducing unwanted cargo movements.

What’s happening to your goods during transport?


When a container is being transported, it can often involve a combination of road, ship and rail and because of this it is extremely important to consider the various influences your cargo may be exposed to under the following conditions, an ocean going container vessel is subject to 6 motions, heave, roll, sway, pitch, yaw and surge. The MeLa Dunnage Bags keep your products in place by filling the gaps between your cargo and functioning as void fillers this securing your load.


When your cargo is being transported by rail, powerful forces are unleashed during coupling and the need for securing your load is essential. The MeLa Dunnage Bag will absorb the sudden jolts from coupling, tremors and vibrations caused by rail joints and track shifting and ultimately protecting your cargo from damage.


When sending cargo by sea, you need to be assured that the dunnage bag is strong enough to withstand even the most extreme stress loads to protect your cargo from transport damages. A high friction value ensures that the MeLa Dunnage Bag stays in place even over very long distances and in rough seas. For many years, fruit, meat products, frozen fish, paper reels, and much more have been secured in the cargo holds of ships using inflatable dunnage bags.


During road transport the sharp turns, sudden breaking, and roundabouts put your cargo at risk that’s when the MeLa Dunnage Bag attributes truly come into their own, and protects the cargo from damage.


Dunnage Bags in use


Avaliable Sizes in Australia

PP Woven 90cm x 180cm 

PP Woven 100cm x 220cm   

Any bag size available for full container loads.




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